iLifeTech Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake Comb Dematting Tool 11 Teeth Wide

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Sky Blue
Our rounded blade heads provide a higher level of protection and extremely safe grooming experience for your pet.
  • Simple few minutes brushing will remove tons of unnecessary dead undercoat from your furry friend.
  • Give you a REAL and BEST result of de-matting for even the longest and densest coats of dogs, cats, rabbits, long haired breed pets.
  • Non-slip soft side rubber handle makes grooming easier and more enjoyable for you.
  • Size: 7″x2.75″/11 stainless steel teeth.
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Product description

Size:Small  |  Color:Sky Blue

Excessive hair and fur can be a challenge for dog and cat owners. 
Here you can get a professionally groomed silky smooth coat in MINUTES with iLifeTech Dematting Comb!

Stop hurting your furry friends:
Very sharp blades on the inside but rounded on the outsider edge. Providing much safer experience than the traditional combs, and recommended for pet with sensitive skin.

Solid performance: 
Quickly and gently remove loose hair, mats and tangles. Great for shaping, finishing, thinning and de-shedding, creates the look of hand-stripped finish in minutes!

Unbeatable quality: 
11 stainless steel teeth are strong and sharp to last for years. Handle part is made from TPE and PP, environmental protection material, will not cause skin allergies.

More comfortable for you also: 
The non-slip and ergonomic designed handles are more comfortable and easier for you to hold while combing.

Great for many breeds: 
Designed to work with pets of all sizes, especially helpful on medium, heavy and curly coats.

Product Details:
Blade: stainless steel
Handle: PP + TPE
Size: 7×2.75 Inches
Color: Sky blue
Weight: 2.65 OZ
Suitable for: Dogs, cats, rabbit and any other pets with fur knot.
Always gently comb in the direction of hair growth for your pet’s comfort.

Package Included:
1x Dematting Comb


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