Nail Grinder Pet Trimmer Electric Dog Cat Grooming Kit Gentle Paws Clippers by iLifeTech

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  • 1, RECHARGEABLE: Powered by rechargeable battery, recharging via most of USB slot such as phone charger adaptor and PC USB.
  • 2, SAFE AND PAINLESS: iLifeTech Grinder is safer than normal nail clippers which reducing the risk of clipping toenail too short that might hurt your pet.
  • 3, APPLICABLE TO ALL PETS: Workable for all breeds of cats, dogs and other small animals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds.
  • 4, MUTE&QUALITY: 58dB,low noise and low vibration designed offer a quiet environment to trimming without fear.
  • 5, GUARANTEED: Backed by 30 days quality warranty.
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Product description


What your saw is PET NAIL GRINDER which trim your pets nail short and smooth.

Why you need this grinder?
1,Save money from pets store
2,Pets love you more as you take care of him/her.
3,Keep your house safe from long nail paws.
4,In case your pets scratch you unintentionally.
5,This nail grinder is easy and safe to trimming.

How to use
1, get the grinder fully recharged via USB on PC or phone adaptor untill the lights turns green.
2, calm down your pets and power on the grinder and show him/her so that your pets could get use to it.
3, grinding
4, clean up and put it back.

award your pet with snacks after grinding.
Clean up with dry cloth

Input: USB adatpor
Output: 5V/350MA
Charge time: 2h
Running time: 2h
Package weight: 178g
Package Size: 8.5″x3.4″x1.8″
Color: White

Package Included:
1 x Nail Grinder
1 x Micro USB cord
1 x User Manual

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